Suffolk, United Kingdom

Track System for Barefoot horses

We offer quiet, natural surroundings for barefoot horses needing rehabilitation and retirement livery.

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Horses on a track from above

Our track offers a natural lifestyle for your horse

When horses live as close to nature as possible, we have seen that it benefits both their health, behaviour and recovery.

Track systems encourage movement and allow horses that suffer from metabolic disease or laminitis the freedom to remain part of the herd.

Horse rolling in the grass
Tony a barefoot trimmer and thimble the shetland

Since we built our track three years ago, our herd has flourished simply by letting them live a more equine-appropriate lifestyle.

Our herd are free to move, groom each other, shelter naturally should they choose and browse and graze among the natural shrubs.

We like to interfere as little as we can.

A track for barefoot horses surrounded by natural forage
Natural paradise track for horses

We live on-site.

We are fortunate that our track sits on an old quarry, and we have tried to use the undulating landscape, which helps keep horses fit.

Our land is private with no direct public access. In addition, we live on-site and can observe our herd constantly. We have a stable available for emergency use or as needed by you.

Two horses standing on a grass free track

What do we feed?

Horses in our care live out on a grass-free track 24/7 as part of our herd, with constant access to haylage and natural forage.

All horses will be supplemented with salt and magnesium and fed appropriately for their weight and health requirements.

We use Thunderbrooks feeds.

Relaxed horse getting its barefoot hooves trimmed

We care about our hooves.

The health of your horse's hooves is a guide to your horse's health, which is why we are a little hoof obsessed here.

We live on-site, and Tony is a hoof care practitioner who will trim your horse's feet as often as needed at no extra cost, and we will apply any hoof care products as appropriate.

We use Red Horse Products. 

Come and join our herd!

Our services include all feeding, hoof care, twice-yearly worm counts, any lotions or potions that need applying to cuts and grazes, fly spray and fly masks if required during the warmer months.

We are happy to hold your horse for vet appointments and administer any necessary medication.

If you would like your horse to join our herd, you can relax that we will take care of them as our own and will keep you regularly updated with as many videos and photos as you like!

Join the Herd
4 horses and a shetland pony on a paddock paradise track system